Quick and easy sign up

Badr For Daily Sales is programmed in Arabic and English language to make it easy and quick to sign up.

Invoices management

Badr For Daily Sales makes it easy to record your sales and purchases invoices with controlling in the shapes and sizes of the invoice.

Business marketing

Badr For Daily Sales ensures you a chance to market your products on-line and finding it easy to be reached by your customers.

Cloud Services

You can log in the program from anywhere at anytime and manage your business on-line.

Stocks Management

Badr For Daily Sales ensures you the feature of multi-stocks and a POS for each stock with the possibility of transferring items among these stocks and inventory them


Badr For Daily Sales ensures you the advantages of managing users and employees, also assigning the references of registering and selling for each user.

Technical support

Our supporting team offers you a permanent supporting service with continuous updating for giving you all your business managing needs.


Badr For Daily Sales ensures you many reports for the processes of selling, supplying, stocks, profits and loses.

Customers and suppliers management

Badr For Daily Sales ensures you recording the data of your customers and their accounts as well as adding any financial payments and reports about their accounts.

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